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Inspiring Change and Empowering Minds

Our consultants are frequently sought after by various media outlets for their expertise in change management, M&A, and People and Culture/HR solutions. From webinars and podcasts to featured keynotes and lectures at colleges, we bring a fresh perspective to pressing organizational challenges.

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How to Use DEI Analytics to Measure Impact

Data & analytics are agnostic tools. To transform corporate cultures of diversity, equity and inclusion, we must structure new approaches that grapple with the unintentional bias of data science techniques. From there, we can drive innovative strategies for transformation. 
In this talk, Diana File, CEO of DF Analytics, discusses the stickiest obstacles that show up in DEI efforts. We explore how bias has been unintentionally baked into the field of data science and discuss more inclusive approaches.

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Inclusion Analytics

DEI leaders frequently cite setting goals and tracking metrics as a top priority. But getting that right continues to be a challenge.

In particular, many organizations aren’t sure what good looks like when it comes to measuring inclusion. The traditional tools (often surveys) focus on employee sentiment and perception, not objective inclusion in work processes such as communication, training, and career development.

Enter DEI tech. In this talk, Diana File, CEO of DF Analytics, surveys the landscape of cutting-edge inclusion analytics solutions that use existing organizational data to demonstrate patterns in how work gets done, and by whom. Use these solutions to get a clear picture of inclusion trends and tie them to financial and risk metrics to demonstrate the impact of DEI on the bottom line.

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Using People Data & Analytics to Drive Performance

Business leaders think and speak in numbers. To influence them, DEI and HR professionals need to be comfortable speaking that language. In this program, Diana File, CEO of DF Analytics, helps you take the anxiety out of people analytics and use data and metrics to expand your influence. 

Diana introduces key concepts and case studies around how to translate data into insights and tell the story of people and organizational change.

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Breaking the Echo Chambers: How an Israeli Jew and a Shia Muslim Came Together

In a world of deep conflict, we have witnessed the worst sides of humanity over the past few weeks. If you’re a leader of corporate culture, whatever your acronyms, and you are feeling lost, heavy, or heartbroken right now — we see you. We walk beside you. You’re not alone.

Join us for a heart to heart discussion among two women—one Israeli Jewish, one Shia Muslim—both dedicated to making the world a better place, one organizational transformation at a time. We have come together to have an open and honest conversation to break our echo chambers, broaden our perspectives, and share insights on how we—as leaders and as humans—can support each other in this time.

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