In 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre sent shockwaves through Lee’s neighborhood and community, taking the daughter of a dear friend.

Prior to this life-changing event, Lee held a 28-year career in IT consultancy, successfully leading over twenty Business Process Improvement and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects at Dell Services, Venetia Partners, IBM Global Financing, Nortel Networks, Pennzoil-Quaker State, Beiersdorf Inc. and others before ascending to SVP of Delivery Operations at a private equity-focused consultancy.

Upon returning from a 2-month career hiatus, Lee leveraged a lifetime of program management experience to co-found Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), the first national non-profit organization stemming from a violent mass casualty event. The following year, Lee lobbied CT state lawmakers to pass the strictest firearm safety legislation in the country.

Lee continues to advocate for victims of violence, collaborating with Newtown Action Alliance and serving as Executive Director of the Sodina Project at The Avielle Foundation, where he focuses on raising public awareness of the scope, scale and proximity of violence by curating first-hand accounts from survivors and affected families.

Additional advocacy efforts include organizing a strategy summit comprising multi-sector, national public health experts interested in collaborating on the root cause of violence, and proposing a national campaign for equity as an inclusive leadership and DEI consultant with several firms

Our proprietary assessments measure change readiness and impact. From there, we drive behavior change through strategy, roadmaps, vision/mission alignment, training, executive coaching, change management, program management, and process improvement. Here is a map of our methodology.

  • Conduct Discovery
  • Define Vision and Mission
  • Align Sponsors and Champions
  • Define Success Measures
  • Develop Communication Strategy
  • Align Systems and Processes
  • Mobilize Teams to Execute the Change
  • Define Charters for Each Workstream
  • Communicate Change to the Organization
  • Train the Organization
  • Create Open Feedback Channels
  • Develop Change Playbooks and Toolkits
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

Baseline Pre-Change:

  • Change Readiness Survey
  • Process Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Talent Assessment

Talent During Change:

  • Change Adoption Assessment
  • Leadership Dashboard
  • Support Requests Trends and Metrics
  • Benefit Realization and ROI
  • Employee Participation Measures
  • Compliance and Utilization Reports

Impact Post-Change:

  • Organizational & Individual Performance
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Training Participation and Impact
  • Communication Effectiveness