Born and bred in Los Angeles, Meshayla has spent over a decade fighting for racial equity. She believes that the workplace is the best place to impact community-based change. To that end, Meshayla aims to create a society where racially marginalized people are nurtured and valued for their inherent dignity.

Meshayla holds a BA in African American Studies from the University of Montana. Her experiences in the classroom and on campus fueled her fire to begin leading anti-racism education and building a community for Black people on campus. In 2019, Meshayla received a Defending Democracy Fellowship from the Western States Center to fight against growing white nationalism throughout the country. Since then, she has educated over 1,700 people on racial equity in organizations across the philanthropy, technology, and conservation industries.

As a consultant and expert facilitator, Meshayla works with small and mid-size firms to build cultures that nurture and value the inherent dignity of every person.

A Certified Diversity and Inclusion Professional through Cornell University, Meshayla regularly delivers workshops and trainings on racism, equity, DEI, and organizational transformation across the nation—including as a TEDx speaker.

Our proprietary assessments measure change readiness and impact. From there, we drive behavior change through strategy, roadmaps, vision/mission alignment, training, executive coaching, change management, program management, and process improvement. Here is a map of our methodology.

  • Conduct Discovery
  • Define Vision and Mission
  • Align Sponsors and Champions
  • Define Success Measures
  • Develop Communication Strategy
  • Align Systems and Processes
  • Mobilize Teams to Execute the Change
  • Define Charters for Each Workstream
  • Communicate Change to the Organization
  • Train the Organization
  • Create Open Feedback Channels
  • Develop Change Playbooks and Toolkits
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

Baseline Pre-Change:

  • Change Readiness Survey
  • Process Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Talent Assessment

Talent During Change:

  • Change Adoption Assessment
  • Leadership Dashboard
  • Support Requests Trends and Metrics
  • Benefit Realization and ROI
  • Employee Participation Measures
  • Compliance and Utilization Reports

Impact Post-Change:

  • Organizational & Individual Performance
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Training Participation and Impact
  • Communication Effectiveness